Sunday, March 12, 2006

O Hanami in BP

Two trees is all it took to get these beautiful Cherry Trees. I was always amused that many Japanese people thought that Cherry Blossom Season only existed in Japan. Sheesh kids, it's everywhere. When I was a baby living in Longview most of the roads leading from the central park had cherry trees along them. I remember going back later and being amazed at how many there were. They were the super pink kind, and truithfully, I think that the pale pink ones are a bit more beautiful. These are in between... Ya know, there are over 100 kinds in Japan. I would agree that Japan IS the place for Cherry Trees. It's not the only place, but probably one of the best. Enjoy the season. I've seen a bunch more trees along the wharehouse section of Fife. It's strange where they put these trees. Not really concerned with the trees themsleves I guess, just that they ad color once a year. It's nice though, sorry the job is keeping me from doing some real photography. It was money before, now it's job. That's the way it works I guess. Anyway, enjoy the season, and go out and take som e pictures yourselves... Show me how pretty the trees are in your part of the world.

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