Sunday, May 15, 2011

Swirly Whirly

Spent a bunch more time at Glassometry today. Got some superb shots that will really improve the MacroMagno show. Laurel is a real sweety for letting me use her stuff. I'm trying not to post everything, because folks seem to skip the events if I've shown it to them on-line. I'll need about 20 to make sure that I have a good (yet limited) selection of photos to sell... Of course I'll also be putting together the best of Japan set, and a few other local things.

Speaking of the show. The Gallery cancelled/gave away my spot in the line up. I'm sure that they will give me a new spot sooner or later, but I realized that I lost all motivation to continue this project for three weeks after they decided that I wasn't going to get the spot.

Oh, well... as my Mother always says. Enjoy.
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